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Don’t Fear the Upgrade

My phone had been sending alerts about a needed upgrade. I kept ignoring the alerts and pressing new times to alert me that I knew I would probably ignore later on as well lol.

The thought of changing up the system I already had in place was one factor, the second was “fears” that came from speculations that were out there on what could happen if the upgrade went through. This all made me hesitant.

I also was operating my life/ businesses/ nonprofit with the usage of two phones ( each one brought their own benefits) and now I was starting to also feel prompted to move everything to one phone.

For some , reading this you could be like “it’s just a

phone , what’s the big deal?” 😂. For other creatives, you may feel and get my thinking as systems helps us to do that thang we do! It’s just how it is! Haha!

I was beginning to get wind of apps that would be helpful for some things I wanted to do next entrepreneurial wise but they wouldn’t download because my phone was still in the old system and those apps functioned in the upgraded system of my phone.

To not cause more delay on the future things I needed to accomplish I pressed the button …UPGRADE!

I got the apps downloaded and I switched over the items I had on my second phone to function on my main phone and guess what ? Things are MUCH better. I can move faster in the projects being worked on and I have the added benefit of access to new tools when needed because I decided to lean forward rather than remain in what was “known and familiar “.

Let’s pertain this to everyday life. What area in your life are you feeling prompted to do better in? Are familiar systems hindering you from taking the necessary steps needed to move forward?

Let us not fear the upgrade because of unknowns, speculations, and “what ifs” because staying in what’s familiar can hinder a much needed adjustment to help you gain the tools needed for now.

The systems that previously worked is running on empty and need to be powered up by the upgrade.

It’s time.

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