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Shades of Blue

Shades of Blue

I met with one of our survivors a few weeks back that I’ve been working with for a few years now. She helped with survivor consultation / input in next projects we have so I can make sure I have a survivors lens when planning.

We took time to debrief how she was doing etc and at one point I turned to her and said , “wow , you are SO resilient!”

She said , “thank you, so are you.”

The response hit me off guard for a minute.

Later on , I thought to myself, “how did she know?”

Past life experiences ran through my mind and I can agree. I am resilient.

I guess , survivors recognize survivors. You just know.

Though not out of human trafficking situations but other past childhood traumas and circumstances that could have easily turned in to human trafficking traps so much so that I look back and know only God protected me in those situations to have a way of escape.

That’s why my faith is so strong. I can’t lead without it when my eyes have been opened to what is in this world and what could’ve been in my own world.

Overcomer. Freedom Fighter. Gamechanger. Worldshaker.

I took back my power and decided to live by those words of liberation.

My God is a restorer and works ALL things together for good.

So in my life I will walk in confidence knowing, Gods got my back and he rewrites my story and he has the power to rewrite yours too ❤️❤️

(Context : Post inspired by it being Human Trafficking Awareness Day/ Wear Blue Day 1.11.24 )

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Thanks for sharing Ashley!

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