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Helping others find root causes to their health imbalances.  

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A Little History

"There has to be a better way"

I grew up having chest pains that felt like heart attacks. I had two surgeries to remove lumps from my breasts and was told that this was something that may continue happening. I was faced with a scare of possible cervical cancer and endured hormonal imbalances that caused brain fog so bad, I had to retrain my mind on how to be present.  


The treatments dealt with the symptoms temporarily.

There seemed to be no real long term solutions to aid in my recovery. I knew there had to be a better way.

This revelation really hit home when my husband and I began the process of starting our family. The trouble to conceive lead us down a journey of doctor visits and blood tests to find out that I had a hormonal disorder called PCOS. Since PCOS can cause infertility, it was heartbreaking for me to think we may not have children. I began to research holistic practices to reverse PCOS, and other ways to help my body heal.


Today my husband and I have 3 beautiful children.


As my children began to grow, I noticed signs of eczema, dermatitis and pigment loss. There were also a number of food allergies and autoimmune issues going on with my middle son.  This required me to put my research cap back on because I was determined to find the root causes affecting my children. I wanted to put the right protocol in place to help them and eventually it did just that. 

My research lead me to  learn more about functional  and integrative practices, wisdom in food choices,  toxin reduction, quality supplements, the power of essential oils and cellular lab testing. These were all tools that lead to helping my children heal. They have also been tools to help my husband and I enhance our health. 


Today, I am an Integrative Health Practitioner and I look forward to helping people get to the root causes of their health issues so they can finally begin to thrive in their everyday wellness! - Ashley M. Wilson, IHP

"I’m am so thankful for Ashley! I was struggling with some concerning symptoms and Ashley encouraged me to look for the root cause of the issues not just to treat the symptoms. When I finally decided to take the first step to finding out what was going on in my body Ashley was integral in walking me through the process. She patiently helped me, leading me to some different options and helping figure out what would be best for me. She answered questions and took time to explain what the results meant or point me to where I could find answers. I am feeling so much better now and have begun to see the positive results of choosing to invest in my health. I trust Ashley, she has great insight, and has walked the journey of health for herself so she understands and can help guide others through the process."

-AMW Wellness Client, Abby Y. 

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