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Following a calling to help others.

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A Calling

While working at Susquehanna Valley Pregnancy Services (now Align Life Ministries), I attended a training session for human trafficking awareness. This training touched my soul so much that I felt I was being called to be part of the solution to end this issue. I learned about Oasis of Hope, a previous safe home for teen survivors of human trafficking, while participating in a mission-led project at Victory Church, Lancaster. In 2015, following a calling from God, my husband and I left our work positions to take on roles at Oasis of Hope.

My previous work experience, community involvement and advocacy laid the foundation for creating Rewritten of Tioga County - a nonprofit organization that addresses human trafficking by increasing awareness of the problem, sharing prevention strategies to end demand, creating trauma informed communities, and providing restoration services to survivors.

From the time of Oasis to Rewritten, it has been a total of 9 years of anti-trafficking efforts. My team and I have recently shared our announcement to dissolve the nonprofit ( Rewritten) and reimagine advocacy efforts through a different avenue which will be through my new LLC called FREED Communities. 

To hear about our transition, press the "Learn More" tab below. 

FREED Communities, LLC will be a trauma informed consulting hub that provides community members, organizations, businesses, and places of faith with the tools 

to care for vulnerable populations well by having an emphasis on trauma informed care and economic empowerment.

Please reach out to me to schedule any of these services:



Coming Soon ....

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I am available to consult on a variety of topics concerning nonprofit development and workplace culture. Please contact me to schedule an appointment.

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If your group or organization would like to host a special training event about human trafficking, please contact me. I am happy to customize training materials to suit your group.

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