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Thinking Out of The Box

Our new fabric dresser had come in and my husband set them up but hadn’t put the handles on yet.

My middle son said “mom come here , I want to show you the handles I made!”

This is what I saw when I walked in (picture displayed) .

He had used pipe cleaners to make all the handles and they actually worked to open all the fabric basket drawers. Haha!

I was impressed by his creativity and no longer wanted the regular black knobs on the drawers! I liked his idea better ❤️

In a similar way , I want to encourage you in your thoughts, ideas, dreams. Sometimes we can get stuck by not implementing the vision we see because of the perception of what others are used to seeing.

That is no longer your responsibility to consume.

Step out and do the thing you’re creatively envisioning and you never know, people may actually like that better than what was expected and even if they don’t, your unique design will still impact others on this earth…. You just gotta find your people! ❤️❤️

Keep going. It will all come together. 😊

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