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Trailblazers Series

Updated: Apr 4

It is February which is also known as Black History Month. As I've gotten older, representation of what this month truly symbolizes outside of learning about past slavery stories and oppressive obstacles we've had to overcome, has increasingly become important to me.

Maybe it's because of my keen awareness as an anti human trafficking advocate that realizes slavery never ended , it just changed it's "global face".

Today's oppression may not look like that in the past where one is in physical chains but can look like subtle comments that are lead by micro- aggressions, actions of jealousy and anger that can hinder one from getting further and projections that can try to limit an individual so that they don't move too far out of the box , YET in the midst of this we still CAN and WILL be GREAT!

Greatness ? That's it! That's what I want to focus on in the month of February for now on. I want people to know that no matter what they face there are examples of other people currently succeeding and doing well and I want you to know about them.

There needs to continue to be more light on the GOOD within black culture and with that , I'm launching the Trailblazers Series so you and I can continue to be inspired by the lives of others that are making a difference in this world.

I would like to introduce Nikita V. Hansford :

Nikita V. Hansford was born in Paterson, NJ and spent her formative years in California’s beautiful San Joaquin Valley. Nikita considers her faith as most important to her. If she isn’t spending time using one of her many talents serving her local faith community, she can be heard hosting her talk show or spending time on one of her favorite beaches. Her greatest wish/hope is that her children will have long lives and be prosperous. Her dream vacation would be resting on a beach in Australia listening to R&B music.

Nikita is the owner of Tylted Halo Broadcast Media Entertainment LLC. After becoming a published author and decades of being an influencer and contributor in the media industry, Nikita decided to make the bold move in creating her company to share positive messaging and images to the masses.

Nikita is a Certified Adult Mental First Aider and is a certified volunteer serving on the Mental Health Advisory Board of Warren County, NJ. Nikita continues to bring light and laughter to every production, podcast and stage that she encounters. Nikita is also the Innastar Media Trailblazer Award Recipient 2023 and was recently featured on Tamron Hall being reunited with her former foster mother.

Nikita can be contacted via email at . You can also follow Nikita at Tylted_Halo on Instagram and Tylted_Halo on Facebook.

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